Not Your Mother's You're So Gelous - Glossing Gel Glue

Not Your Mother's You're So Gelous - Glossing Gel Glue
Item# 13023

Product Features:

Everyone loves you and everyone else wants to be you. Itís a gift and a curse, but you find a way to deal (*wink*). You're So Gelous makes jaws drop and heads turn with a style thatís almost too good to be true. This salon formula gel is infused with pomegranate oil for added moisture. It will hold your hair like glue, so itís locked in place and its top notch shine will have spectators needing sunglasses. Itíll have you telling complete strangers, ďI know! Youíre sooo jealous!Ē

Application: Squeeze a small amount into palms (a little goes a long way!). Rub palms together and work into damp hair. For the spike of your life, apply to fingertips and pull through hair twisting at the ends. For extra stiff spikes, slightly dampen tips and reapply a small amount of gel. For 24 hour hold, lock it in with Not Your Mother's Miss Freeze Freezing Hairspray.

Tip: This product was designed for women AND men in mind! *wink*